High Performance Anti Pigmentation Products

Melblok Skin Care System, engineered using NetasensTM Technology, perfectly balances efficacy and safety for lasting results unlike other pigmentation products that suppress the problem, temporarily. Formulated after years of research and innovation, our products help reduce pigmentation at the root by helping revert hyperactive cells back to their original young form, and keeping your skin unbelievably clear, bright, and young!

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The roadmap to young and radiant skin.

Skin brilliance is not only achievable, it is also sustainable.
See how Melblok Skin Care System helps reduce hyperpigmentation and make your skin younger.

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  • Day 1: You start Melblok

    Melblok Home-KitsTM + Melblok Professional Session

  • Visible results by 7 days

    Skin condition starts to become better.

    You feel good!

  • Significant results by 1 month

    A remarkable 30% to 60% Results! Hyper pigmentation reduces and skin texture improves considerably - lines, wrinkles, acne and open pores reduce.

    Skin becomes bright & even toned with a healthy pinkish glow. Skin looks & behaves younger!

    You feel good!

  • Even better results over time

    Results up to 90% or higher!

    Skin becomes brilliant! Not just bright, even-toned and naturally pinkish, but also smooth, firm and young at the cellular level!

    Results that Last...

    You feel Amazing!


Three Ways to Brilliant Days

  • Home-Kit Advanced


    A scientifically engineered high-performance daily anti pigmentation skin care system that helps reduce pigmentation at the root and make your skin naturally brighter, smoother and younger, fast!

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  • Professional Session


    Administered by certified Melblok professionals, Melblok Professional Sessions combine the use of Melblok's proprietary Professional Kit™ and Melblok CRF Sessions in one powerful skin transforming session™.

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  • Melblok Pure Facewash


    A range of skin care essentials, including Melblok Professional Cleansing Emulsion, Melblok Pure Face Wash, and Melblok Sapphire Peel-Off Mask for restoring and maintaining skin health and brightness.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Real People. Real Results. Real Stories.

  • Veena J

    "I feel great; my skin has started glowing now. Thanks Melblok for making my skin good."

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  • Ruchi M

    "After using Melblok a lot of improvement, Miraculous results feeling great. Yes, feeling very happy & satisfied with the desirable results. What you claim in the beginning, you..."

    Ruchi M View More
  • Pushpa N

    "After using Melblok results are Excellent, totally satisfied. Hyper?pigmentation got cleared 95% no other skin care required. Melblok treatment exceptionally good, staff sincerely..."

    Pushpa N View More
  • Shally

    "After using Melblok I feel Great & happy! The professionalism & confidence of bringing out the best skin for you. All praises, good professional staff, excellent results &..."

    Shally View More
  • Anu K

    "After using Melblok I feel very confident & happy that it will improve with time my skin & in some time I have got trust that you all will help me get back my skin look good...."

    Anu K View More
  • Mesha D

    "After using Melblok my skin is Supple, softer, pigmentation has become lighter but haven't gone fully. I am happy! Keep up the good work to help people to overcome the stubborn problems..."

    Mesha D View More
  • Ambica S

    "My skin is a lot better now; I can feel & see the improvements every week. This scars are very light now. Given that I have had these problems for over 3 years now. I understand that..."

    Ambica S View More
  • Amarjeet M

    "Yes, After using Melblok I am happy my skin has improved a lot my concern is whether my skin condition will return if there are gaps in my treatment. Like if I am travelling etc. My..."

    Amarjeet M View More
  • Robin B

    "After using Melblok I think I now look younger and others say that too. Great results, to say the least! I am very happy! I've got my confidence back in public gathering also! I'm..."

    Robin B View More

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