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A revolutionary skin care system for Pigmentation prone skin!

Bring back and maintain your best, brilliant skin - not just bright, even­toned and naturally pinkish, but also smooth, firm and unbelievably young!

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  • Day 1: You start Melblok

    Melblok Home-KitsTM + Melblok Professional Session

  • Visible results by 7 days

    Skin condition starts to become better.

    You feel good!

  • Significant results by 1 month

    A remarkable 30% to 60% Results! Hyper pigmentation reduces and skin texture improves considerably - lines, wrinkles, acne and open pores reduce.

    Skin becomes bright & even toned with a healthy pinkish glow. Skin looks & behaves younger!

    You feel good!

  • Even better results over time

    Results up to 90% or higher!

    Skin becomes brilliant! Not just bright, even-toned and naturally pinkish, but also smooth, firm and young at the cellular level!

    Results that Last...

    You feel Amazing!


What customers are saying

  • Veena J

    "I feel great; my skin has started glowing now. Thanks Melblok for making my skin good."

    Veena J View More
  • Ruchi M

    "After using Melblok a lot of improvement, Miraculous results feeling great. Yes, feeling very happy & satisfied with the desirable results. What you claim in the beginning, you..."

    Ruchi M View More
  • Pushpa N

    "After using Melblok results are Excellent, totally satisfied. Hyper?pigmentation got cleared 95% no other skin care required. Melblok treatment exceptionally good, staff sincerely..."

    Pushpa N View More
  • Shally

    "After using Melblok I feel Great & happy! The professionalism & confidence of bringing out the best skin for you. All praises, good professional staff, excellent results &..."

    Shally View More
  • Anu K

    "After using Melblok I feel very confident & happy that it will improve with time my skin & in some time I have got trust that you all will help me get back my skin look good...."

    Anu K View More
  • Mesha D

    "After using Melblok my skin is Supple, softer, pigmentation has become lighter but haven't gone fully. I am happy! Keep up the good work to help people to overcome the stubborn problems..."

    Mesha D View More
  • Ambica S

    "My skin is a lot better now; I can feel & see the improvements every week. This scars are very light now. Given that I have had these problems for over 3 years now. I understand that..."

    Ambica S View More
  • Amarjeet M

    "Yes, After using Melblok I am happy my skin has improved a lot my concern is whether my skin condition will return if there are gaps in my treatment. Like if I am travelling etc. My..."

    Amarjeet M View More
  • Robin B

    "After using Melblok I think I now look younger and others say that too. Great results, to say the least! I am very happy! I've got my confidence back in public gathering also! I'm..."

    Robin B View More

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