Melblok Products

Melblok products are made to achieve brightest skin, even-toned, young and glowing with a healthy pink brilliance!

Professional Sessions

Key Benefits: -

  • Improvement in skin condition after every session
  • Enhances results of the Home-kit for faster results more accurate results
  • Periodic re-conditioner to maintain skin perfection and defy ageing!

Taken weekly at a Melblok center near you and administered by certified Melblok professionals, Melblok Professional Sessions combine the use of Melblok's proprietary Professional Kit™, Melblok's Skin-Tite™ and various techniques in 1 hour session for faster more accurate results from a Melblok Home-KitTM, instant improvement after every session and progress supervision by a Melblok Expert!

Melblok Professional Kit™ is a 3-step system specially developed for use in a Melblok Professional Session. The session provides complete conditioning to the cells so they repair naturally. It also gives skin an essential dose of nutrients along with a deep hydration in a bio-available format. It enhances the Home-Kit™ for faster, more accurate and longer lasting results while giving skin instant smoothness, firmness and a brilliant pinkish glow after every session. The Professional Kit also acts as a periodic skin re-conditioning booster, to help the skin remain naturally bright, healthy and young.

Melblok Professional Session is currently available in India only. Call us to fix your appointment:
+91 8010 888 000
™ – tm for an unregistered trademark, that is, a mark used to promote or brand goods;