Melblok Products

Melblok products are made to achieve brightest skin, even-toned, young and glowing with a healthy pink brilliance!

Home-Kit™ Lite

Works on – Recent pigmentation and mild hyperpigmentation like tanning, dullness, uneven skin tone, and general darkening of the skin. Helps Improve skin clarity, brightness and vibrancy while reducing lines, wrinkles, open pores, and roughness for smoother, firmer & younger looking skin.

Good for – Lightening and brightening skin tone, preventing further pigmentation, gradually improving skin and maintaining skin perfection.

Will help achieve – You feel a change in the first week of use. Up to 30% to 60% results in one month by the end of the first Home-Kit. Better skin over time.

The Melblok Lite Home-Kit works on recently obtained pigmentation and milder forms of hyperpigmentation like tanning, dullness, brown spots, under eyes, and general darkening while providing daily care for Pigmentation Prone Skin to keep it looking bright & young, glowing with a healthy pink brilliance.

The Lite Home-Kit is especially suited for deeper problems like dark patches (melasma), brown Spots on face, Age Spots, Acne Marks, Dark Circles as well as dark tanning and dullness. It’s also recommended for Pigmentation and skin damage caused by Laser therapies, Chemical Peelings, Parlor Facials, Scrubbing, abrasive treatments, Hormonal changes, and excessive sun exposure.

Unlike other pigmentation removal creams or fairness creams that suppresses pigmentation without treating the root cause resulting in pigmentation that keeps coming back, Melblok Lite Home-Kit’s anti pigmentation effect is long lasting and safer for the skin. That’s because the Melblok Lite Home Kit’s Day Cream and Night Cream work together at the base layer of the skin to help bring abnormal skin cells back to their normal form for safer and effective skin brightening.

Regular use of the Lite Home-Kit helps maintain skin perfection while strengthening sensitive skin to resist skin deterioration and ageing caused by Stress, Pollution, Sun, Heat, Weather changes and increasing age.

The Day Cream of the Lite Home-Kit also works as an excellent primer to help make-up wear longer while keeping the skin protected from direct make-up contact.

Melblok Lite Day Gel-Cream - 30ml | 1.0 FL OZ + Melblok Lite Night Cream - 30ml | 1.0 FL OZ


Lite Day Cream (Refill)

NOTE: Part of the Melblok Lite Home-Kit™ the Lite Day Cream is applied throughout the day and is meant for use along with the Lite Night Cream.

Lite Day Cream - 30mL | 1.0 FL OZ


Lite Night Cream (Refill)

NOTE: Part of the Melblok Lite Home-Kit™, the Lite Night Cream is applied during the night when going to sleep and is meant for use along with the Lite Day Cream.

Melblok Lite Night Cream - 30mL | 1.0 FL OZ

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