Hyperpigmentation Causes

Gain an overview of the common causes of Pigmentation and what you can do to keep them at bay. Learn how to eliminate hyper-pigmentation from the root and get rid of the problem, for good!

What are the Causes of Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a stubborn skin disorder that can have a number of underlying causes. These include:

  • UV Exposure : While sun may be good to get that envious tan, too much of it can be band for your skin. Excessive UV exposure invigorates the functioning of Melanocytes, which can produce an inflammatory response that leads to Hyperpigmentation.
  • Skin Damage : Any type of skin damage caused by injuries and conditions such as acne triggers the production of inflammatory mediators. These mediators bring about various hormonal changes that activate melanocytes leading to excessive production of melanin.
  • Hereditary : Genetics is another common cause of pigmentation, especially among those who have sensitive skin or fair complexion. It is therefore essential for people with sensitive skin or fair complexion to wear a sunblock before stepping out.
  • Allergies : In case of skin allergies, the body’s immune system gets into action, producing an inflammatory response that activates the production of melanin. This is because the body overclocks itself to cope with the substance causing allergy.
  • Increased Hormones : Increased production of hormones is another possible cause of Hyperpigmentation. The imbalance is usually found in pregnant women and those on birth control pills. Although in some cases the pigmentation disappears post pregnancy, it is not always the case.
  • Abrasive Treatments : Harsh skin treatments such as peeling, dermabrasion or laser can also cause inflammation leading to Hyperpigmentation. Moreover, a seemingly harmless hair removal procedure can also lead to the problem, if done improperly.
  • Drugs and Chemicals : Certain drugs and chemicals are also known to trigger an inflammatory response in the skin causing Hyperpigmentation. Although not much can be done about prescribed drugs, make sure the skin care products you buy do not contain any such chemicals.
What are the Causes of Hyperpigmentation?

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