Skin Whitening

Fairness is unfair but skin clarity is your right!
Melblok Skin Whitening Cream

Whitening skin is often thought of in line with fairness but here we mean the opposite of skin darkening. A lot of people want to know about skin whitening cream for face whitening. Here we refer to skin whitening not as fairness but to actually reduce excess darkening of the skin or in other words to reduce Pigmentation and get even tone skin. Skin or face whitening creams help lighten your skin tone for a brighter looking you. Melblok’s Day and Night Cream whiten and lighten dark patches on the skin such as blemishes, dark spots, blotches and tanning like dark areas to give even tone skin.

How Melblok Products help Brighten Your Skin

Melblok’s proprietary Melblok Complex present in the Melblok Day Cream and Night Cream helps reduce pigmentation at the root, by controlling excess pigmentation and restoring the normal functioning melanin producing skin cells. As cells behave normally again, pigmentation decreases, skin whitening of darker areas occurs and skin appears clearer, brighter and healthier. Moreover, all Melblok products are pH-balanced, help protect the skin and restore the skin’s natural biochemical balance. The Melblok Advanced Home Kit is an Ideal Combo of the Day Cream and Night Cream that helps the skin to function normally again, resulting in better cell renewal and natural exfoliation, better skin texture and structure to make skin look younger,r fresher and brighter and give a skin whitening effect.

What is the Best Solution for Whitening Skin?

Melblok Home-Kit Advanced

The Advanced Home Kit, with it’s Day & Night Creams, helps give skin all-round treatment and care for Pigmentation-prone skin. The Advanced Home-Kit helps clarify and brighten dark patches and skin darkening from the root while helping restore skin’s natural balance. Skin is renewed, naturally exfoliated, brighter from the root and looks young, revealing one’s natural, even skin tone.

The Advanced Day Cream, with Melblok’s proprietary Melblok Complex, helps whiten skin by reducing dark areas and provides 12-hour full spectrum UV protection through its Stable Sunscreen Technology. The Advanced Night Cream combines both anti-pigmentation & anti-ageing effects that treat and repair skin for whiter dark areas and brighter, clearer skin, to give you younger looking skin every morning! 

In just 7 days, skin pigmentation such as age spots, dark spots, blemishes, patches, melasma, acne scars and uneven skin tone are reduced, and skin appears Brighter and Clearer. In 28 days, skin appears transformed with new life. Continued use ensures skin reaches and maintains its optimal look.