How to Get Even Skin Tone

Don’t let uneven skin tone take away your radiance. Melblok is your gateway to healthier, clearer, younger and even toned skin!
Melblok Even Skin Tone Face Cream

Pigmentation and Aging bring with it various stubborn changes in the skin giving it uneven skin tone. Even if you are blessed with healthy skin, ageing or skin damage it can lead to dark patches, age spots and other blemishes that give an uneven complexion. To get even tone skin, many people opt for skin even tone creams containing hydroquinone. Although hydroquinone has been used for ages in creams for pigmentation, the molecule has a cytotoxic effect which can kill melanin producing cells leading to hypopigmentaiton or white spots or on the flip side, cause ochronosis (the accumulation of hydroquinone under the skin give skin a black color)

How Melblok Products Help

Uneven spots and dark patches on the skin are usually the result of increased melanin production. Medications, sun damage, and hormones increase the production of melanin that causes the skin to darken at certain patches. If you have an uneven skin tone, remember that you don’t have to live with it forever. Melblok is a high performance skin care brand exclusively for Pigmentation that helps reduce pigmentation at the root, for clearer, brighter more even toned glowing skin!

Our Products for Even Skin Tone

Advanced Home-Kit

A perfect product for deep stubborn problems like dark tanning, dark spots, dark patches, and dullness. The Advanced Home-Kit improves the clarity, vibrancy, and brightness of the skin, and is effective in reducing wrinkles and roughness giving skin an amazingly smooth, leveled skin complexion and texture

Advanced Day Cream

The pigmentation removal cream the Melblok Advanced Day Cream with Melblok’s proprietary Melblok Complex works throughout the day treating the skin from at the root to brighten and clarify the skin while protecting it with Melblok’s most advanced Stable Sunscreen Technology that not only gives full 12 hour protection against UVA, UVB and UVC but also Infrared light and Visible Light that can cause ageing in the skinThe Day Cream also helps protect the skin against dust, pollution and changes in weather conditions so skin is protected from all angles.

Advanced Night Cream

The Advanced Night Cream by Reduces Pigmentation at the Root through Melblok’s proprietary Melblok Complex while repairing skin damage from the day time and recovering the skin so it is smoother, brighter every morning. Regular use ensures skin becomes Bright, Clear and Younger and remains that way to the best of the skin’s ability.

Remove Pigmentation and Discoloration

Overproduction of melanin from over-activity of melanocytes is one of the main reasons for pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Melblok’s Day and Night Creams reduce the production of melanin by helping normalize the overactive cells, thus eliminating the root cause of the problem for long lasting results Even out skin looks less discolored and healthier.

Melblok Anti-Pigmentation Day & Night Cream Combo

Smoothen Rough Skin

Uneven skin texture such as acne pits, open pores, etc., can create shadows on the skin and make the skin look rough and patchy. This unevenness of skin texture also affects how light penetrates the skin, from some places more deeply and from others less deep creating uneven tanning which also adds to the uneven skin tone. Melblok’s Day and Night Cream are an all in one solution that helps to reduce pigmentation at the root, while simultaneously evening out skin texture for smoother more leveled skin. People with too much roughness can use more of the Night Cream and combine it with Melbok’s Professional Sapphire Peel-Off mask for faster results.

Maintain pH Balance

The acidic pH layer on the skin helps keep the skin protected and maintain its internal biochemistry. Any abnormality or disturbance in the pH can cause a significant shift in the way the skin functions causing all sorts of problems from dry skin to oily skin, infections, acne, pigmentation, scarring, uneven texture, redness, darkening, premature ageing and other skin problems. Melblok products are pH balanced between pH 5.0 to 5.5 and the formulas also help maintain the pH of the skin throughout the day. This helps keep the skin’s natural biochemistry intact so cells can function normally and become healthy.

Protect from UV Rays

Melblok products have safe, long-lasting and stable sun protectors that remain effective for up to 12 hours. The Day Cream contains Stable Sunscreen Technology that does not break down under the sun as other typical sunscreens do, thereby giving much better and longer protection. Melblok’s unique formulation also protects skin against other environmental contaminants such as pollution, dust and bacteria for anti-pollution protection. The cream provides 12-hour protection from UV rays which performs better than other higher SPF Sunscreens*.

Achieving Even Skin Tone is Now Possible!

Melblok products provide all-round care for uneven and pigmentation-prone skin. Whether you have normal, dry or oily skin, Melblok products help bring back lost balance for brighter, clearer and smoother skin that looks healthy, even toned and glows with natural radiance.

*tested against standard sunscreen compositions that include avobenzone and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate as the only sunscreening agents while claiming SPF 30.