Dark Spot Removal

Don’t let dark spots dictate how you feel about yourself. Rediscover unblemished radiance with Melblok's revolutionary products!
Melblok Anti Dark Spots Cream

Dark spots and dark circles are common problems among people from all walks of life. Although the causes of dark spots can vary, more often than not, pigmentation is the root of the problem. Ironically, you can easily find many anti-dark spots removal creams on the market, but they do not deliver permanent results. If you wish to get rid of dark spots for good, you need a formula that treats dark spots at the root. That’s where we can help. Melblok, with a deep knowledge of hyperpigmentation and years of research, has come up with a formula that not only treats dark spots, but also addresses various other skin problems.

How Melblok Products Help Remove Dark Spots

Melblok products are made to reduce pigmentation from the root and restore the natural brightness and even tone of your skin not matter what your original skin tone. All Melblok products are pH-balanced so they restore skin health, and work for all skin types. Melblok Advanced Home Kit with its Day Cream and Night Cream has a Bio-Active Formula that helps abnormal skin cells to work normally again thereby giving effective and long lasting results. Moreover, the Advanced Day Cream and Night Cream improve skin texture to give Smooth, Glowing skin. Results are visible in just 7 days and with regular use pigmentation levels decrease skin appears clearer, brighter, healthier and younger.

Melblok Products to Remove Dark Spots

Best Solution for Dark Circles

Melblok Home-Kit Advanced

Comprising a day & a night cream, Melblok Home-Kit Advanced is based on Melblok’s proprietary Netasens™ technology that helps reduce pigmentation and restore skin’s natural biochemical equilibrium. With regular use of the Home-Kit, the skin gets naturally bright, hydrated and young. The Advanced Home Kit does contains no harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone, retinol, hydroxy acids, or even preservatives commonly used in skin care products.

The Advanced Day Cream, treats and protects. With Melblok’s proprietary technology, helps clear pigmentation prone skin for long-lasting bright clear skin while  the Melblok’s Proprietary Stable-Sun™ technology  provides full spectrum UV Protection for as long as 12-hours without the need for re-application.

The Advanced Night Cream treats and repairs. It is formulated to help repair skin damage caused during the day and restore its natural glow and luminosity during the night for brighter, clearer & smoother mornings!. It combines both anti-pigmentation & anti-aging effects that leave brighter, clearer, and younger looking skin.

In just 7 days, dark circles caused due to skin pigmentation are reduced, and skin appears brighter and clearer. In 28 days, skin appears transformed offering a fresh look. Regular use helps restore skin’s lost Brightness and Clarity for Even toned, Glowing, Smooth skin.

Melblok's Pure Face Wash Gel, a scientifically engineered skin restoring face wash, has a unique pH balanced Bio-Gel formulation that matches the skin’s natural biology. Made with naturally available cleansing agents, the face wash for pigmented skin safely and gently removes impurities from the skin surface, without changing the skin’s delicate bio-chemical balance to help keep it younger, longer. The skin restoring facial wash rinses off quickly and leaves skin looking bright, refreshed and naturally hydrated without making skin slimy. Add this to your daily skincare regime along with the Advanced Day & Night cream for a complete care.