Not all is sunny on bright sunny days, at least not for your skin! Now beat the sun with the proven UV shield of Melblok products!
Melblok Skin Tan Removal Cream

Prolonged exposure to UV rays or radiation can cause tanning. The skin cells called ‘Melanocytes’ produce melanin, the pigment that absorbs the UV rays of the sun. Although melanin prevents cell damage, but may also cause skin darkening or tanning. Though tanning is the skin’s natural defense to prevent sun damage, excess exposure to harmful rays can make the skin dull and dark and increases the risk of sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer. To get rid of the tan, many people opt for harsh methods such as bleaching, which could cause further darkening, burning, and dryness. Typical Sunscreens only block UV light thereby slowing down further tanning but they don’t reduce existing tan that in many cases has become permanent. High SPF sunscreens only keep skin protected for longer durations but often contain unsafe amounts of sunscreen agents that break down in the sun causing premature ageing.

How Melblok is Effective Against Tanning

Melblok Day and Night creams are formulated to work at the root cause of tanning. They normalize the overactive cells to reduce tanning and excess pigmentation. Melblok Day Cream also contain Stable Sunscreen Technology that does not break down under the sun as other typical sunscreens do thereby giving much better and longer protection. Melblok’s unique formulation also protects skin against other environmental contaminants such as pollution, dust and bacteria for anti-pollution protection.

Melblok Anti-Pigmentation Day & Night Cream Combo

Melblok Advanced Day Cream

A part of our revolutionary Advanced Home-Kit, the anti-pigmentation Advanced Day Cream has our proprietary Melblok Complex and Netasens technology that helps improve the brightness of the skin and prevent tanning. It has SPF 20 with Stable Sunscreen Technology that doesn’t break down on being exposed to the sun and provides 12-hour protection from UV rays which performs better than other higher SPF Sunscreens*.

The Home-Kit by Melblok is an all in one Anti-tan, Anti-pigmentation day and night cream combo that works on all skin types. In addition to treating tanning, the product is effective for various other skin problems, such as melasma, dark circles, age spots and dark spots for a brightening and clarifying effect that goes beyond typical sunscreens. The Creams also help reduce wrinkles, lines, and open pores to improve the skin texture for an anti-ageing effect that gives skin a complete tan removal cream and youth restoring cream effect.

*tested against standard sunscreen compositions that include avobenzone and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate as the only sunscreening agents while claiming SPF 30.