Acne & Pigmentation

Do you think acne removal is a unicorn that many claim but no one can deliver? Time you rethink that presumption!
Melblok Acne Scar Removal Cream

Acne is an unfortunate side effect of various health and skin problems. Often causing rough skin and pigmentation like acne scars and acne marks. Generally two factors lead to acne - Internal hormonal conditions and external skin conditions. Internally, hormonal changes like in puberty, weight gain and others health situations can cause acne to sprout on the skin. External factors can include slow skin renewal - which blocks pores causing the collection of sebum underneath the skin; infections & dirt that can block pores; or even waxing and threading which causes under skin growth of hair leading to bumps. A lot of people consider skin breakouts from allergic reactions as Acne but breakout have less to do with blockage and more to do with inflammation.

The face being the area with the highest activity of Sebaceous glands (the tiny glands under hair that produce oil called sebum) is the most susceptible to Acne. Most acne creams or in other words pimple creams in the market are meant to exfoliate the skin so as to remove any blockages in pores to allow sebum to escape properly. But many Acne creams and Anti Acne creams only cause exfoliation without increasing cell renewal, others have dangerously low pH level which disturbs the natural pH balance of the skin and many of them leave the skin thinner and more susceptible to sun damage and allergy form other products. But most of all, many don’t help reduce acne scars and acne marks! Acne often results in pigmentation like acne scars or pimple marks. This can give the skin a patchy dirty look. Combined with roughness, acne scars can lead to uneven skin tone, dullness, and loss of skin brightness.

How to remove acne with Melblok Products?

How to get rid of Acne is question that the Melblok Products answer! Unlike any other pimple cream or acne cream, the Melblok Day and Night Combo helps reduce Acne Scars and Marks as well as Acne itself. Formulated with Non-Comedogenic ingredients all Melblok Products are safe for use on Acne Prone Skin and help reduce acne for smooth, clear skin!

Natural Exfoliation

Melblok’s Night Cream naturally and mildly exfoliates the skin while sleeping. In just 7 days acne is reduced, pimples become less and skin appears smoother and shinier. The Melblok Night Cream is not like other anti acne creams that work on salicylic acid and other hydroxy acids that reduce skin pH and are harsh acids for the skin neither is it like exfoliating scrubs that are harsh on skin and can increase pore size. It gently removes excess dead cells and maintains the protective dead skin layer of the skin. This helps exfoliate the skin while maintaining its strength.

Melblok Pure Face Wash Gel also acts as an acne face wash that helps remove excess dirt while maintaining the skin’s natural biochemical balance. It also helps kill harmful acne causing bacterial, leaving skin more sanitized, fresher and balanced.

Melblok’s Professional Saphire Peel Off Mask is perfect for gently removing dead cells without pulling delicate facial hair. With its unique No Hurt Formula, the Sapphire Peel Off Mask can help keep skin clear of acne and even acne marks.

Melblok’s Professional Cleansing Emulsion helps gently remove even the toughest dirt and contaminants from the skin surface. It leaves skin hydrated with a velvety touch that prevents accumulation of further dirt. It also acts as a primer and protects the skin against make up damage to prevent break out and pimples.

Melblok Anti Acne Cream Features

Increased Cell Renewal

The Melblok Day and Night cream combo helps increase cell renewal so pores remain clear and skin remains fresh. The Melblok Face Wash also assists in skin’s natural cell renewal by restoring the biology of the skin so skin behaves normally. This leads to lesser breakouts and clearer, brighter skin everyday.

Restore natural pH Balanced

Abnormal skin pH can lead to a number of problems such as oily or dry skin, acne, uneven cell turnover or renewal leading to acne, pimples, breakouts and especially pigmentation. . To help restore skin’s natural pH and retain it, all our products are balanced at the skin’s natural pH of 5 to 5.5, which is the ideal range for skin care products. Using the Melblok Advanced Day and Night Creams along with the Melblok Pure Face Wash Gel with its natural surfactants and acne face wash effect can help restore the skin’s clarity, brightness and smoothness for glowing natural skin.

Melblok Anti Acne Cream for pH Balance

No Preservatives

Commonly used preservatives such as Parabens, formaldehyde, and releasers can damage the skin, which is why none of Melblok products contain any preservatives. With a preservative free formula Melblok Products ensure that skin is protected against any harmful effects of other preservatives in various acne creams, acne removal creams or anti acne face wash.