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Some companies sell products which supress melanin formation. How does Melblok work ?

When a house has a cockroach infestation, simply killing cockroaches doesn’t solve the problem. They keep coming back, and in the process we spoil our own health by inhaling the cockroach spray! Similarly, ‘inhibiting’, ‘suppressing’ or ‘reducing’ melanin formation in the skin does not solve the root of the problem and may actually cause more pigmentation. The root cause of Hyper-pigmentation is the over-activity of Melanocytes. Melblok treats hyper-pigmentation not just by regulating Melanin formation but by actually normalizing the over-active cells. Melblok tackles the problem at the root cause thus restoring skin to its young healthy self.

Are there any side effects of using Melblok/pigmentation removal creams?

No, Melblok Products do not have side effects. All Melblok products are made for use on sensitive skin. The Melblok Home Kit, a potent Day and Night cream combo is a special Anti-pigmentation product which contains Melblok’s proprietary Netasens™ Technology, which works with the natural biology of the skin for safe and effective results.* As with any skin product, allergic reactions can always be a rare possibility.

When should I use Melblok pigmentation removal creams?

If your skin has dark areas such as acne scars, melasma (dark patches), dark spots, uneven skin tone or stubborn tanning that refuse you may have deep pigmentation because of overactive melanin cells. You would need a product that penetrates to the base of the skin to give skin cells the right condition to help them naturally revert to their original healthy form. The Melblok Advanced Home Kit is the best solution for skin pigmentation.

How long will it take for me to see visible skin whitening with the Advanced Home Kit?

The Advanced Home Kit is one of Melblok’s best products for whitening of darker areas of the skin. Visible change in skin can be noticed within 7 to 14 days after using both the Day and Night Creams and in 30 days pigmentation is reduced and skin looks bright, clear and glowing with a healthy radiance. Continued use always gives better and better results. Speed of results may vary depending on how deep or dark your pigmentation is or if you have gotten any abrasive treatments in the past such as lasers or peelings.

Will pigmentation come back if I discontinue the use of Melblok’s Day and Night Creams?

No, once pigmentation has gone completely, it will not come back in the same area on its own. However, pigmentation happens most often to those with pigmentation prone skin. If you have pigmentation prone skin, any skin damage can cause pigmentation to come back or happen in any other area. Also, pigmentation caused by ageing may always happen in anyone. Using sun protection, avoiding abrasive skin treatments, and using skin care products for pigmentation prone skin can help prevent pigmentation from happening again.


Why does hyperpigmentation occur?

There are many factors that can start hyper-pigmentation. The common ones include: Sun exposure, abrasive treatments on skin, ageing, hormonal changes, pregnancy or menopause, injuries, inflammation, dust & polluted environments, alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. These factors damage the skin, making special pigment producing cells in the skin called “Melanocytes” to become over-active. This over-activity usually becomes permanent leading hyper-pigmentation.

Melblok is very effective, but will I have to do Melblok always?

Results obtained from Melblok are long lasting. People with hyper-pigmentation prone skin have special skin care needs. Melblok not only helps reduces excess pigmentation, brighten skin tone and significantly improve the skin condition, but also serves as a daily skin care system for people with pigmentation prone skin. After getting great results, most people maintain that healthy skin by using Melblok Home-Kits rather than the usual sunscreens and moisturizers. Regular use ensures that skin remains bright, young, and healthy as well as strong to resist daily skin damage caused by sun, heat, pollution, stress and ageing.

Do men need a separate treatment?

No. Hyper pigmentation in both men and women occurs in the same manner and thus the treatment and care is common. Melblok also helps improve all skin types.

Is a Melblok Home-Kit™ easy to use?

Yes, Melblok Home-Kits are very simple to use. At Melblok, we believe that anything that adversely affects one’s life is not a worth it. With Melblok people go about their daily lives with ease, be it in the sun, at home or office.

I have only used expensive cosmetics, then why did I get pigmentation?

Although some cosmetics are known to cause more pigmentation, cosmetics may not be the cause in everyone with the problem. Other factors such as sun exposure, hormonal changes, mistreatment of skin through abrasive treatments like lasers, chemical peels, bleaching, parlor facials, etc may cause micro inflammation and thus hyper pigmentation.

How does Melblok Treat Hyperpigmentation?

At the root cause hyper-pigmentation may result from either or both the excess production of Melanin at the cellular level as well as an increase in the number of melanin producing cells called Melanocytes. Melblok treats hyper-pigmentation at the root cause by reducing such over activity rather than by just inhibiting melanin synthesis. By normalizing the melanocytes, Melblok also treats the surrounding cells thus reducing lines, wrinkles, open pores and making skin smooth, firm and clear. The result is young skin that shines with a naturally healthy pink brilliance!

Can I go out in the sun while doing Melblok?

Yes you can! Typical sunscreens break down when exposed to sunlight, releasing skin damaging free radicals & exposing the skin to UV rays. Melblok contains amongst the most Stable, Safe & Long lasting sun protectors in the world! Melblok's sun protectors don't break down & remain effective for up to 12 hours straight! Not only that, Melblok also protects the skin from damaging Infra-Red light (IR), as well as environmental pollutants like dust, smoke, bacterial & fungi. While you are using Melblok, it will treat hyper-pigmentation and care for your skin irrespective of whether you are in the sun or not. Any regimen that negatively affects your daily life is not worth it.

I always used home remedies! I don't know why I got pigmentation?

Fruits, pulses, milk, vegetables, etc., all have chemicals and enzymes in them and any one of them may cause hyper-pigmentation. Therefore, it is not necessary that home remedies are harmless, in fact they can sometimes be very harmful.

I have been to many dermatologists for my dark skin problem but it did not help much. Could there really be a treatment for Pigmentation?

A dermatologist should always be your first point of contact for skin problems including diseases and disabilities. However, Hyper-pigmentation in itself is NOT a disease! It is not contagious, and does not negatively affect one’s health. Hyper-pigmentation might be an indicator of an underlying medical condition possibly outside the scope of dermatology, but in itself, Hyper-pigmentation is a cosmetic problem. It may result from either or both the excess production of Melanin at the cellular level as well as an increase in the number of melanin producing cells called Melanocytes. Therefore, doctors in the field of cosmetology and cell biology are among the most appropriate professionals to approach for Hyper-pigmentation.

Why do I need Hyperpigmentation treatment?

Unlike tanning, hyperpigmentation does not go away on its own. That’s because the cells that make the pigment in our skin become overactive and constantly remain in this overactive state. Typical skin whitening and anti pigmentation creams suppress pigmentation without normalising cells for short term lightening of skin. Treatment of Hyperpigmentation in the best way involves bringing the hyperactive cells back to normal and restoring bright even skin tone.

How is Melblok better than any other hyperpigmentation removal treatment?

Many over-the-counter anti-pigmentation solutions only partially suppress the problem without working at the root cause. Melblok’s Day and Night Creams work at the base layer of the skin to help abnormal cells revert to their normal form using skin’s natural regenerative ability. This gives faster, better and longer lasting results. Skin looks brighter, clearer and smoother with radiance and a healthy pinkish glow.

Does Melblok work on pigmentation caused from Laser treatments, peelings or bleaching?

Yes. Melblok can also help reduce skin pigmentation from abrasive skin treatments. However, in our experience, damaging skin treatments such as lasers, peelings, bleaching, scrubbing, etc can not only cause more pigmentation, but scarring caused by these treatments can also make existing pigmentation more difficult to get rid of. So the time taken to get results may increase if you have taken laser treatments, peelings or bleaching.

Can Melblok reduce all types of pigmentation?

Melblok is very effective against pigmentation caused from over activity of melanin cells. If you have gotten pigmentation recently after excessive sun exposure, after acne or pimples, after pregnancy, hormonal changes, weight gain, injuries, then most likely your pigmentation is caused from over activity of melanin cells. Melblok Advanced Home Kit will not work effectively on birthmarks, moles, pigmentation from medicines or from excessive use of hydroquinone (ochronosis). For deeper pigmentation management, Melblok Professional Sessions are recommended. Click here to learn more about Melblok’s Professional Facial Sessions.

Is there a more Treatment type of solution for Pigmentation for faster results?

Melblok Professional Sessions done at a Melblok Center are recommended for those looking to get a more treatment type of solution for Pigmentation for deeper pigmentation that is difficult to reduce and for faster results. Melblok Professional Sessions are facial sessions done using topical products and combined with the Melblok Advanced Home Kit at home for faster more accurate results or to help get rid of deep stubborn pigmentation.

Should I go for Melblok professional session if I am already using Melblok Home Kit?

You may choose to get Melblok Professional Sessions done additionally for faster results and for deeper stubborn pigmentation that is not getting reduced quickly enough. Professional Sessions are also frequently done as safer pre-wedding or bridal treatment for the whole family resulting in a more natural looking bright and clear skin.

Do Melblok Professional Sessions hurt?

No. Melblok Professional Sessions are completely pain free. They are not invasive as only topical products are used and they do not cause any down time unlike lasers or peels that need protection from sun. After Professional Sessions you can resume your daily activities as if nothing happened. The approximately one hour long sessions are quick and done once a week so they feel like visiting a salon for a relaxing treatment.

How can I avoid having hyperpigmentation in future?

In addition to using skin care products for pigmentation prone skin, avoiding excessive sun exposure, avoiding damaging skin treatments like lasers, peels, parlor facials, scrubbing and bleaching, keeping your weight in check, getting regular health checkups and living a healthy lifestyle are some ways you can prevent excess pigmentation problems.

Is Melblok recommended for all skin tones and types?

Yes. All Melblok products, including the Home-Kit Advanced, are ideal for all skin tones. Melblok’s Home Kit is not a fairness or whitening cream. It helps clear excess pigmentation so you get back your original bright, clear and glowing skin not matter what your skin tone.


I want to learn more about the Melblok brand. How do I do that?

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How do I track my order?

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How long does it take for order delivery?

Domestic shipments (India) usually take 2 to 5 business days for delivery. Cash on Delivery (COD) orders may take longer. International Shipments (Outside India) usually take 3 to 10 business days depending on the Destination Country. Customs checks and other checks by local authorities of the destination country may delay order delivery further. Tracking information is available in the order shipment confirmation you will recieve from us via email.


What is Hyper-pigmentation?

Hyper-pigmentation or commonly known as simply "Pigmentation" is the excess darkening of skin beyond its normal colour. It occurs as Dark patches, dark spots, freckles, dark circles, acne marks, stubborn tanning, melasma, chloasma, etc. Hyper-pigmentation is often associated with open pores, acne, age lines, and rough patchy skin texture.