All that we see, all that we hear, all that we are “made to believe”; either tells us we are not good enough or our life would be better if we put our money down for the snake oil subliminally peddled through mainstream media outlets. When every mouthpiece is telling us how to look, how to be, what all we must “have” to justify our being as – well, “beings” – it can get a bit overwhelming for us to determine what to believe is “real”. We keep grinding our bones in the gym and eat the food that food eats, just to achieve that picture-perfect appearance that the idiot box in the corner of our living room taught us to idolize! But is that all to what we call “beauty”, or do the dogmas don’t have anything to do with the true essence of beauty? We explore the much debated subject.

The Malevolent Mirage

It’s been more than seven godforsaken decades since the colonists left town, but our obsession with all things “white” doesn’t seem to dissipate. From the much-mocked OTC fairness products to rather “progressive” means to achieve fairer skin such as “bleaching”, countless deceptions are being shamelessly glorified by marketers. Whatever happened to our original beautiful skin tone? Real beauty is more than skin deep, and it is certainly not determined by how you look on your instagram account, concealed under an inch of makeup, in more than perfect light conditions, or the “processed” results you get after a few hours on Photoshop! Your real beauty is how you naturally appear, after a long day’s work, or waking up the morning after your best friend’s wedding bash! Remember? But there there is a genuine problem with that, what about all the skin products and treatments like laser treatments and chemical peelings that have damaged the skin? Or pigmentation and uneven skin tone from sun damage, pollution or simply genetic tendency?

Uncovering the Real You

Despite having been deceived by damaging treatments and genetics that mask our true beauty, there is a way and the way is not fairness, it’s anti-pigmentation. Every skin tone is beautiful, every skin is magnificent and unique. Even the rainbow is made of multiple colors and that’s what makes it so beautiful to look at. As a society we must accept and embrace all colors, but as Individuals we must celebrate our own skin tone. Let that mask be gone and let your original even skin tone shine through. Melblok does precisely that. The Advanced Home Kit helps bring your original skin tone back and helps restore the full brightness or our original clear skin. It’s the ethical thing, it’s the right thing, it’s the glorious thing to do – to celebrate the original you!

Ignorance is “Not” Always Bliss!

Then there are those most people have never even seen their real beauty, no matter the number of cosmetic or skincare products one would have used? Though it might be hard to believe, it is an unfortunate reality. The problem is that, we, are too accepting. We either learn to accept our flaws or resort to temporary respites, not even trying to chase the light to the end of the tunnel. Whether we talk about age-related skin blemishes or globally pervasive problems such as acne and pigmentation, we accept whatever imperfections we have, rather than trying to find a “solution”. How many opportunities were lost because others though we were too uncaring, how many face time scenarios have we avoided because we are aware at the back of our minds that we have the terrible mask of pigmentation on? Ignorance may bring solace but never relief and for sure not bliss.

But, Is There a Solution?

Though not much can be done to turn back time, achieving that perfectly clear, evenly toned and radiant skin is certainly a possibility. Our skin quality is determined by a number of factors that come together to produce either a jaw-dropping or sigh-inspiring appearance. Many of these factors can be attuned by the revolutionary Melblok Home Kit Advanced. So embrace improvement and shun fairness, give the Advanced Home Kit a try and uncover the real you, that’s bright, clear and young too!