Do you have uneven skin tone or dark spots on your face? Does your skin look dull? Have you noticed some irregular patches or discoloration on some parts of your skin? If your answer to any of these questions is a “yes”, most likely, you are dealing with hyperpigmentation or in common tongue “Pigmentation” and most likely you have Pigmentation Prone Skin. Yes, one of the scariest words known to the beauty conscious! Pigmentation includes dark spots, scars, marks or other forms of skin darkening, that could make you look (and feel) older than you are. This condition occurs when special cells in your skin called Melanocytes start producing melanin in excessive quantity – causing those dark blotchy patches.

The Science behind Skin Colour and Pigmentation

It all starts with Melanocyte cells that produce Melanin – the pigment that gives you your skin colour. The amount of Melanin in your skin decides how protected you are from the sun rays and helps your skin fight solar radiation or UV rays. There are, however, times when UV rays are too strong or the skin is exposed to UV rays for too long for the Melanin to handle; and as a result, the Melanocyte cells sense this extra UV Ray penetration and become hyperactive to start producing extra melanin which is called “Tanning”. The tan then act as a protector in that over-exposed area of your skin. Imagine covering your skin with a cloth, that’s how tanning works, the darker the cloth, the more sun rays it blocks, same goes with Tanning.

In tanning these Melanocyte cells become normal again when the sun exposure reduces causing the cells to stop producing excess melanin. But in Pigmentation the Melanocyte cells that become abnormal and remain over active even when there is not sun exposure. This happens because of many reasons, but generally is because of skin damage due to excess exposure to sun or various other external and internal damages. Which is why pigmentation generally happens in small areas resulting in spots, patches, or shadow like pigmentation. Every wondered why your skin becomes darker where there is a cut or acne? Its because of skin damage.

How to Undo the Damage?

Hyperpigmentation has been seen to lower a person’s self confidence and results in stress, anxiety and depression. Your face is the first thing people see and their brain creates an impression. People are either attracted to clear skin or detracted from Pigmented, dull skin. With relatively large areas of pigmented skin on your face, hands and other visible areas, it can be really hard to feel at ease. It’s worth mentioning that although 81% of all women develop pigmentation between the age of 16-24, 75% after pregnancy & 90% of all women develop pigmentation by the age of 60, men not being far behind in terms of numbers, , it is no more a problem that cannot be overcome. Melblok has a solution.

Skin brilliance is re-achievable with Melblok’s revolutionary solutions for pigmentation. Melblok has the transforming power to make your skin naturally clear, even toned and restore its lost brightness no matter what your original skin tone. By not only helping reduce Pigmentation but also  open pores, acne, wrinkles,rough skin and other skin imperfections, Melblok’s products like the Advanced Home Kit with its Day & Night Cream or Melblok’s Professional Sessions done at a Melblok Center help skin regain its young look with long lasting results. The solutions provided by Melblok recondition your skin to defy signs of ageing and makes your skin naturally resistant to regular skin damage caused by stress, pollution and other internal and external factors. For more information on hyper pigmentation, click here.

How Melblok Helps

Melblok’s best product for Pigmentation the Advanced Day Cream & Night Cream combo called the Advanced Home Kit is the best selling product of Melblok. The Advanced Home Kit is both an anti-pigmentation cream and de-tan cream that not only helps reduce pigmentation, but also promotes healthy skin, by allowing skin cells to function optimally and providing protection against environmental factors. Moving beyond the cursory problem of Pigmentation, Melblok addresses the root cause of over-activity of Melanocytes to help skin retain its lost radiance and the clear even skin tone.

Melblok Advanced Home Kit when combined with the Melblok Pure Face Wash becomes a complete skin care system for Pigmentation prone skin. So with daily use, pigmentation is prevented and helps prevent premature ageing for a healthy, smooth & radiant appearance. Unlike generic skin care products that usually suppress the problem or treat only the skin superficially, Melblok works at the basal layer of the skin to provide the skin cells deeper care, helping nurture them back to their healthier form. Melblok helps reduce excess pigmentation like blemishes, sun spots, freckles, acne marks and makes your skin healthier and even toned; in short it “works”.

Melblok’s strong research and development has put years to support the products’ compliance and sustainable values. It’s not a quick fix; it works at the root cause to help  that you achieve long lasting results quickly. Let us answer why you deserve an effective skin care system  that is safe and viable whether it is the Advanced Home Kit or combined with Melblok Professional Treatment Sessions at the Melblok Center:

  • It reduces the occurrence and recurrence of acne by enabling the skin cells to defend the skin against various internal and external contaminants while helping restore skin’s biochemical balance so that skin becomes normal again.
  • It helps close open-pores and reduce rough skin giving you the smooth texture of your original younger skin.
  • By offering the right levels of moisturization, Melblok’s Bio-Active system keeps your skin hydrated for an instant anti-ageing effect.
  • Melblok products are pH balanced and help maintain the right pH balance of the skin at  5.0 to 5.5.
  • Made with Natural ingredients, Melblok doesn’t use Parabens, formaldehyde releasers or any other preservatives in its products.
  • All Melblok products are manufactured in compliance with HEPA filtered International Standard (ISO Grade 8) Clean Environments.
  • Melblok works on all skin types – whether young or mature, to restore its natural radiance through its unique technology.

Best Solution for Pigmentation

Melblok reduces and prevents the recurrence of pigmentation and makes your skin bright and radiant through:

  1. Home-Kit Advanced – Addresses stubborn marks like dark patches, Age marks, Acne scars and gives visible results within the first week of its use. Regular use of the product ensures a bright, dewy and younger-looking skin. It  is also ideal for people who have suffered pigmentation from skin damage due to laser treatments, chemical peels, skin bleaches, excessive parlor facials and other abrasive treatments. To learn more, click here.
  2. Professional Sessions – Taken at a Melblok center, Melblok professional sessions are probably the best treatment for pigmentation in New Delhi or India  professional sessions are done by certified Melblok professionals who combine the use of Melblok’s Professional-Kit, along with other techniques, to deliver faster and more personalized results For more information on Melblok Professional Sessions, click here.


Melblok Advanced Home Kit either alone or combined with Professional Sessions is  a complete skin care regime that ensures your skin gets all the care it needs, around the clock. Appropriately, it is “a way of life” for pigmentation prone skin, which not only works on the outside; it also brings out the shine from inside that no makeup can ever deliver! By restoring the skin’s natural clarity and brilliance, Melblok cares for your skin at the cellular level. Melblok’s success stories, as told and retold by our patrons, are a testament of the results Melblok has delivered. To buy now, click here.