Every bride wishes to have spotless, glowing skin when she walks down the aisle. To realize the dream, they do it all – from spending hours in salon to going on all-fruits diet. The efforts, however, often do more harm than good. Salons and self-proclaimed experts recommend a variety of skin treatments, and brides, driven by the desire to get quick results, rarely consider their possible side-effects that could very well ruin their D-day. To help ensure you don’t find yourself in a similar situation, in this blog post, we delve into five skin treatments brides-to-be must stay away from, no matter what. Read on.

1. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion, a treatment involves removal of the top layer of the skin, is an intensive procedure to treat sun damage and aging-related problems. It is also performed to provide an even surface to the skin. The procedure, however, can cause redness and swelling on the skin, which might stay for a few weeks or even months. Moreover, it can also cause acne, change in skin color, scarring, infection and enlarged pores.

2. Skin Polishing

Also called microdermabrasion, skin polishing works on a similar principle as dermabrasion and is believed to minimize fine lines, improve pores, and renew the skin tone. Microdermabrasion, however, can cause skin tightness, redness, spots of bleeding, fine broken blood vessels, cold sores, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and eye-skin bruising. Moreover, as a person may need 6 to 12 sessions for the procedure to produce any results.

3. Parlor Facials

Parlor facials are a common treatment for younger-looking skin. It might make you feel good about the skin, but the happiness is short-lived. Besides the results being temporary, a facial can also cause itching. Regular exfoliation can also strip off moisture and natural oils from the skin, damaging the outer layer. Some people also complain of acne after a facial session. Last but not the least; a facial can cause allergy and scar, and can disturb the pH balance.

4. Derma Rollers

Derma Rollers are used for skin regeneration, reduction of fine lines, facial scars and stretch marks, and treating hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Although a possible treatment for multiple problems, Derma Rollers are not safe for the skin, with infections being a common side-effect. If you have a dark skin tone, it can cause temporary hyperpigmentation. Other side-effects include redness, dry skin, bruising, irritation and red spots.

5. Collagen and Botox Injections

Brides-to-be love these injections for their quick results. Collagen is used to treat minor imperfections, including acne scars, laugh lines, creases and wrinkles. It can, however, cause allergic reactions, bacterial infection and uneven skin tone. Botox, on the other hand, is used to smoothen wrinkles, but also has many side effects, such as Botulism poisoning, eyelid, brow or lip drooping, imbalance of lower face, and asymmetry in lips and edema.

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Embrace a Safe and Effective Solution!

Rather than wasting your time and money on any treatment that can do more harm than good, brides-to-be must first understand the needs of their skin. Everyone’s skin needs a daily care system that works effectively at the basal layer of the skin and makes it naturally bright and even-toned. If the D-Day is around the corner, try Melblok Home-Kit Advanced and pair the usage with Melblok Professional Sessions. In just 30 days, Melblok can help you achieve that perfect, bright, even-toned, young and glowing skin that you have always dreamt of. If you have any questions, fill out our contact form and we will get back with you, shortly.