Hyperpigmentation or pigmentation is a skin condition that occur in people usually due to an unhealthy or higher production of a pigment called Melanin. Higher production of Melanin causes a number of skin problems, such as dark spots, dark patches, uneven skin tone, and dark circles. Although a number of factors cause pigmentation, many people are not well-versed in this area and how to deal with such skin issues. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned skin problems and are seeking pigmentation remedies, go through this blog. We cover five important facts you need to know about pigmentation so that you can minimize this condition with ease.

1. Melanin defines your skin tone

Melanocytes produce a pigment called Melanin that is responsible for the tone of the skin. If melanocyte cells are damaged in anyway or if they go through any unhealthy change, the production of melanin increases, causing dark patches on certain parts or the entire body. The problem may aggravate if left untreated.

2. Too much of Vitamin D is harmful

Moderate exposure to sunlight is healthy as it helps in the synthesis of vitamin D, but overexposure can lead to a number of skin problems. Vitamin D acts as a catalyst in the Melanin production process. It is, therefore, advisable for individuals with pigmentation-prone skin to apply sunscreen and wear a scarf or hat to limit the exposure to sunlight.

3. Pigmentation is a treatable condition

Although a stubborn condition, pigmentation is treatable. It is however important to remember that cosmetic procedures such as chemical peeling and laser therapy can make the problem worse. Whether one has pigmentation on face or any other part of the body, Melblok’s revolutionary skin care system can treat the problem at the root.

4. Home remedies may not be effective

Home remedies for pigmentation may deliver short-lived results, but such measures provide a permanent solution. Although you may come across various blogs that advocate home remedies for pigmentation, the truth is that most vegetables and fruits contain specific enzymes and acids that may aggravate the problem.

5. There is no instant remedy

Stay away from any anti-pigmentation product or procedure that claims to deliver instant results. Instead of wasting your money and time, try an all-in-one solution for pigmentation: Melblok Home-Kit Advanced that offers a skin-friendly treatment for a number of skin problems, including dark spots, patches, wrinkles, roughness, open pores, and acne marks.

Wrap Up

Pigmentation is caused due to various internal and external factors, such as hormonal changes, excessive sun exposure, injury, allergies and stress. If you too have been trying to get rid of pigmentation but haven’t had much success, check out Melblok’s revolutionary products and say goodbye to the problem, for good. Try our anti-pigmentation products to get glowing, even-toned and younger skin. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at +91 8010 888 000.