In today’s insanely chaotic times, secondary concerns such as skin care can easily take a back seat. A lack of a proper skin care, coupled with unhealthy lifestyle choices, results in the formation of dark circles and takes away the glow of your skin. Most people dealing with the problem believe that the key to their woes is opting for an expensive skin treatment package, which is nothing more than shooting in the dark. Although consulting a dermatologist can help, but before you do that or go for a professional treatment for pigmentation, it is advisable to try some healthy lifestyle changes that can help reduce dark circles and give you brighter, younger skin. Take a look.

1. Avoid Excess Caffeine

Your days may not start without a cup of coffee and you may need your dose of caffeine throughout the day in one form or another to keep going, but the habit can have adverse effects on your skin. Caffeine triggers Adrenaline in our body the “fight-or-flight” hormone. This hormone is generated in the body at times of stress like when we get scared watching a horror movie. Constant intake of caffeine keeps Adrenaline levels in our body high, this keeps the body in a constant state of stress, which leads to various health problems, faster ageing and of course dark circles. Excessive intake of caffeine causes the loss of various essential nutrients as well that get discharged with urine. The result is malnourished skin, which, if ignored for long enough, can lead to more dark circle and other skin problems. The body can easily get out of the caffeine cycle, a slow and steady decrease of caffeine intake over a few weeks works well. Once done, the body will regain its natural balance and remain awake and energised naturally.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is another common cause of dark circles. Not getting enough rest stresses the blood vessels, resulting in poor blood circulation. Various studies suggest that a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is essential to make sure the blood vessels get enough time to relax. To get proper sleep, avoid using laptops, mobile phones, and infotainment devices, when going to bed. Try some light reading, instead. Avoiding caffeine also helps get the body into deeper states of sleep called “Deep Sleep” which is a non-dream sleep. This is more important to the body then the hours spent sleeping.

3. Avoid Meats & Foods that May Cause Allergy

Many people are allergic to certain foods, such as dairy products, soy, and eggs. When consumed, these foods increase the histamine levels in the body resulting in skin irritations. The natural reaction of the person is to scratch and rub the skin, which can irritate the surrounding blood vessels. When the blood vessels come in contact with sunlight, they become more vulnerable, resulting in the formation of dark circles. The human body has been evolving over thousands of years towards more vegetarian diets; in fact, the human gut is optimised for digesting vegetarian food. Non-vegetarian diets are usually difficult to digest and there is increasing scientific evidence that suggests that meat leads to increased histamine production in the body leading to inflammations and various other medical complications. Turning to a vegetarian diet has a lightening and refreshing effect on the body. This shows on the skin in the form of brighter, less tired looking skin that has less irritation.

4. Increase the Intake of Water and Veggies

Contrary to popular belief, increasing direct water intake is less effective than intake of a water rich diet. Indian and other Asian diets are naturally rich in water. Dals and curries in India, soups and ramen in Asia are staple diets. They contain on average 70% water (the same percentage as our bodies). There is a Vedic and Scientific reason for having water rich diets. Having water rich diets leads to sufficient hydration without excess urination, which means that the body is constantly balanced. Having water alone is important but that leads to sudden spikes in body hydration leading to our kidney’s working overtime to get rid of excess water. Try having a fruit diet once a while. Fruits an average of 90% water. This is more than the body’s percentage of water which is excellent for detoxification. Try having only fruits one day and see the difference the next day in your skin and overall energy and health. So, if you have dark circles, increasing the daily water intake is essential to replenish the skin.

Wrap Up

Dark circles can make even the most dynamic people look dull and tired. This festive season, don’t let dark circles keep you from becoming the showstopper and look your very best by giving your skin the care it deserves. Follow a healthy diet and minimize the intake of foods rich in salt and sugar. While you are trying these tips to lesser dark circles, you can also explore Melblok’s high-performance anti pigmentation and skin cleansing products, especially the Advanced Home Kit for immediate reduction of dark circles and improvement of overall skin condition. Melblok Advanced Home Kit helps to re-establish the skin’s biochemical balance and help bring abnormal skin cells back to normal. The Advanced Home Kit leads to brighter, clearer and smoother skin that looks young.