Wedding season is around the corner and it goes without saying you must be all excited to drop jaws. The desire to put the best foot forward, however, often make people turn to cosmetic avenues that offer nothing more than a temporarily masquerade, and sometimes, even damage the skin. It is therefore important to avoid lasers, peelings and other harmful procedures for pigmentation, as they may make the skin worse. To help you achieve that clear, smooth, and young skin, Melblok gives you some simple-to-follow tips. Read on.

Start with Moisturizing

Using Melblok Advanced Day Cream as a replacement for your moisturizer or sunscreen will help reduce pigmentation and brighten your skin in just 7 days! The cream contains Melblok Complex that works at the root cause of pigmentation and helps restore cells to their normal form, thereby offering sustainable results. Melblok Day Cream also works as a sunscreen that provides 12-hours Full Spectrum UV protection to your skin and what’s more – unlike other sunscreens that break down in the sun forcing you to apply higher SPF with potentially unsafe concentrations of sunscreens, Melblok contains “Stable Sunscreen” that lasts for the full 12 Hours without significant degradation. For results that just work like magic use the synergistic power of both Day Cream and Night Creams!

Protect Your Skin from Makeup

Even if you go for the best makeup brands out there, most of the products available on the market can leave your skin dry and damaged after even just one use. A good moisturizing day cream not only keeps your skin hydrated, but also acts as a barrier to the harmful effect of makeup. The Melblok Advanced Day Cream not only brightens the skin amazingly well it is also a great Primer that creates an amazingly perfect finish for the skin while giving skin that protection is so desperately needs in today’s time. So put your best foot forward, no matter where you go or how you go!

Use the Night!

Night is the time when your body naturally starts restoring skin cells. Using Melblok Night Cream utilizes this natural restorative tie of the skin to assist the repair process, and at the same time, reduces pigmentation, which in turn makes your skin clear and smooth. By adding the Melblok Advanced Night Cream to your nighttime routine, in just 7 days skin looks smoother, younger and soft like new! Combine that with the Melblok Advanced Day Cream in the mornings, and in just 28 days, be ready for the brightest, smoothest skin you’ve seen in years!

All Set to Turn Heads?

To get clear and bright skin before the next wedding, try the Melblok daily routine for the next 28 days and we are sure you would thank yourself that you did! Pairing the Melblok Advanced Home Kit with the Melblok Pure Face Wash Gel you help bring your best clear skin back while restoring its natural bio chemical balance back to normal for always healthy skin.. Use Melblok Professional Sapphire Peel-off Mask once or twice a week to get visible brightness and clearer skin faster. If time is a rare commodity, you can also visit the Melblok Center for Professional Sessions in Delhi.