Chemical peels enjoy a good reputation, especially when we talk about an effective alternative to anti-aging treatments. Sure, they are magical, but there’s always some risk just as with any other facial treatment option. The consequences, unlike with pigmentation creams, can sometimes be more than redness and inflammation that go away within a few weeks. So, before you fix an appointment for a chemical peels session, here are a few facts that you must know that your dermatologist may not reveal.

Fact #1 Chemical peels are ineffective on severe wrinkles

Chemical peels are considered a great alternative to surgery when it comes to minimizing wrinkles. You will probably see a reduction in fine lines around the mouth, but if the wrinkles are severe – it is a waste of money and time. Chemical peels, unlike the best pigmentation creams, do not work on deep-set wrinkles, which are the prominent lines on the forehead. As the procedure removes only the top layer of the skin, it will not reduce severe wrinkles. Chemical peels are a disappointment for those who wish to look 10 years younger after the session.

Fact #2 Chemical peels can cause uneven skin pigmentation

Chemical peels reduce the appearance of age spots, dark patches, and freckles by removing the top layer and revealing brighter skin. Although the results can be amazing, it comes at a cost of having to expose your skin to harsh chemicals that can sometimes do more damage than you can imagine. The treatment, unlike pigmentation creams, can result in temporary or even permanent light patches on your skin.

Fact #3 Chemical peels make the skin hypersensitive

Chemical peels remove dead skin cells, which means a smoother and softer skin. You will see a brighter and youthful you in the mirror. Treating the skin with fruit acids, however, makes it highly sensitive and the result can easily be scaly, sensitive, and dry skin. Some people can even get scars, crusts, and blisters after chemical peels.

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Final Words

Chemical peels only treat the outer layer of the skin, so the effect might not last for long. Healthy skin demands complete care, not just from the outside, but inside as well. The Advanced Home Kit by Melblok is the best pigmentation cream for good reason as it works on deeper stubborn problems like age spots, tanning, dark spots, and dark patches to improve the brightness, vibrancy, and clarity of the skin, while reducing open pores, wrinkles, and fine lines. If you are looking for an effective treatment solution to give your skin a makeover minus the side-effects, try Advanced Home Kit and feel a change within the very first week. For more details and answers to all your questions, feel free to reach us at +91 8010 888 000.