The skin care system that treats and cares for Pigmentation Prone Skin

"The First the Original"

Treating and Caring for Pigmenation prone skin for over two decades, that's way more than what most skin care brands can say! A specialized skin care system for people with Hyper-pigmentation prone skin. Started in 1996, Melblok was the first skin care brand in India and amongst the very few in the world exclusively for Hyperpigmentation and Pigmentation Prone Skin. Reducing excess pigmentation at the root and making skin naturally bright and even-toned, the Melblok Skin Care System works on the entire skin to reduce roughness, lines, wrinkles, open-pores, acne and other skin imperfections. For brilliant skin that is not just bright, even-toned and naturally pinkish, but also smooth, firm and young at the cellular level. That's the power of Melblok, The Ultimate Skin Care System For Pigmentation Prone Skin!


"The First the Original"
"If it works on Indian skin, it works on any skin"

"If it works on Indian skin, it works on any skin"

Made, tested and proven on Indian skin! What does that mean? Indian skin is diverse; with over 2,000 ethnic groups spread across India, speaking close to 1,652 languages, with skin tones ranging from the lightest the darkest and with races from all over the world, India has the highest ethnic and cultural diversity than any other country in the world! *

There is a saying "all the skin's in the world can be found in India" and Melblok has seen it all! Researched, developed & tested on Indian skin, The Melblok System is among the most effective treatments for skin pigmentation for everyone, not to mention the best daily skin care products for people with pigmentation prone skin! Melblok has helped more people from more backgrounds clear their skin pigmentation problems and Melblok's experience and expertise is what makes it all possible.


"Nearly 20 years of experience treating Hyper-pigmentation"

The Melblok System was developed in 1996 in New Delhi, India by a visionary Doctor and Scientist - Dr. Neeta Ratti at her company 'Vital Clinic Pvt Ltd' where she was the Director. Motivated by the sudden development of Hyper-pigmentation on her own face, Dr. Neeta set out on the path to find an effective and long lasting treatment where none existed for this difficult problem. She eventually developed the first Melblok product using natural compounds as well as a skin care therapy that helped effectively reduce hyper-pigmentation in anyone. As the word spread, more and more people started benefiting from this incredible discovery. Propelled by the amazing response and loyal customers, Melblok steadily grew and in 2010, opened its first exclusive skin care center in South Extension -2. Now called a 'Melblok Center', the South Extension – 2 Center is still open and is also the most visited center of Melblok for Professional Treatment. Dr. Neeta continues to oversee Melblok customers and provides them professional advice on their hyperpigmentation concerns and it's treatment. Wishing to rapidly grow the Melblok brand and take it to new scientific heights, in 2011, Melblok's management and operations were transferred to Ratti Corporation a company founded by Karan Ratti, a Regenerative Dermatologist and a graduate of New York University who not only propel Melblok's growth but also introduced Melblok Products Globally!


corporation was started in the year 2012 by Karan with a vision to produce High Performance Cosmetics and innovative new solutions for the most difficult to treat skin problems. As his first official project, Karan took over Melblok and started a major initiative at Ratti to overhaul the Melblok brand through rigorous scientific research and innovation. Focusing on building Melblok into a great skin care brand exclusively for Hyperpigmentation, and in terms of quality at par with global luxury cosmetic standards, Ratti conducted intensive research spanning over 5 years to come up the newest Melblok that we see today! 

Melblok’s products are so complex and sophisticated yet so simple that they required completely new manufacturing technologies to make them! That’s why Ratti custom engineered its entire facility to manufacture the Melblok's premium range of products. Pharmaceutical grade facilities hosting advanced technologies sourced from across the globe, anti-bacterial, anti-viral clean environments, minimum human involvement and maximum automation along with a series of tight quality control processes assure that Melblok products are the ultimate in consumer safety and truly ‘State-of-the-Art’!


In Karan's own words...

"The value of a brand is as good as its product. If the product doesn't work, the brand has no value."
– Karan Ratti

"Melblok was the first brand in India exclusively for Hyper-pigmentation. We have probably seen more people with more types of Hyper-pigmentations for nearly 20 years now than most doctors and we have developed an amazing capability to treat it effectively. Anyone who has ever tried The Melblok Skin Care System will confess, it's the best thing out there for Pigmentation Prone Skin! In 2012, after returning to India, I founded Ratti Corporation with the vision to produce innovative products and solutions for the most difficult to treat cosmetic concerns. Melblok was the first brand my company worked on. Our knowledge of Regenerative and Cellular dermatology at Ratti added even more to our products and our existing capability to reduce pigmentation, and after 5 years of extensive R&D, Ratti has now launched the best ever Melblok. And I can assure you, history has never seen anything more amazing and revolutionary than the new and improved range of Melblok Products."

In Karan's own words...

Driven by its passion to achieve the best skin possible

Melblok is successfully treating and caring for pigmentation prone skin. Being the first to treat the problem at the root cause, Melblok not only brings over-active Melanocytes back to normal, but also the cells surrounding them, making skin not only bright and pigmentation free but also smooth, firm and glowing with a healthy pink brilliance! Melblok derives a sense of achievement in helping people attain their best skin possible and through that, build confidence and good health. With thousands extatic customers, Melblok is the leading skin care brand for pigmentation prone skin

Values govern our thought and actions those in turn govern our culture.

At Melblok, we receive immense joy and satisfaction in helping people mitigate hyperpigmentation, a condition most have relentlessly tried to alleviate without success. It is our passion and in restoring confidence and good health by treating hyperpigmentation, Melblok sees its mission as an altruistic one.

Following are the list of Values that Melblok holds closely and considers necessary to effectively carry out its mission:

Melblok is driven by perfection through innovation and gives strong priority to results.

Melblok strives for perfection, but also knows that nothing is ever perfect because perfection is not a target that one achieves, rather, it is the perpetual habit of becoming better. Melblok relies on constant innovation both incremental and radical with focus on delivering results as the approach to perfection.

Melblok admires and fosters mutual respect, fairness, friendliness, co?operation and fun.

The distinction between customers, employees and various Melblok stake holders exist only on paper, not in Melblok's mentality. Mutual respect, fairness, friendliness and co?operation between all people engaged with or within Melblok, in a manner to be fun for every one is what Melblok believes to be the right way towards edification, mutual growth, and good health.

Melblok delivers excellence of quality equating to luxury standards at all levels.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." This quote is held at the core of Melblok's values. Quality equating to luxury standards in all areas of its working and dealings ensures that Melblok maintains high standards and is in the process, gratifying for everyone.

Melblok strives to work in the benefit of humanity by caring for and investing in all of its stake holders.

In congruence with its other values, Melblok believes in the equality of all people and unity in diversity. In that light, Melblok helps people from all demographics irrespective of social norms, cast, gender or religion to grow and reach their best potential.

Melblok cares for the Planet and all life on it.

The planet is why we are. Melblok promotes planet consciousness in everyone close to it and by inculcating planet friendly practices in its employees while encouraging them to inculcate the same in those close to them, endeavours to help protect our planet. Good health, peace and harmony with nature, result in one's own upliftment, physically, mentally and spiritually. Melblok seeks to inculcate this value in all those close to it.

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